Minute by minute
Hour by hour
As you lose your history
You lose your power

So sharpen your eye
And tune your ear
So you know what you see
And understand what you hear

Listerville Middleton on The Origins of Things (via rainbowflashover)
Power is the ability to define someones reality and have them accept it as if it were their own.
Dr. Booker T. Coleman (via specialnights)


Motorola moto 360

The moto 360 has to be the best smart watch design that I have seen to date. It blends the new smart technology with classical watch design in a minimalist style.

It is the first smart watch powered by Google’s android wear platform and it seamlessly keeps the user up to date without distracting. Subtle notifications alert the user to emails, texts, calls, meetings and social posts and can be reached with a simple twist of the wrist. As well the smart watch responds to your voice, just say “OK Google” to search questions, send texts, schedule meetings and take notes.

The beautiful merge of smart technology and classical design creates a watch which doesn’t feel alienated to wear. It is both comfortable and familar on your wrist whilst offering the latest technology needs.



7,361 plays Elastic Heart feat. The Weeknd & Diplo Sia 1000 Forms of Fear

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